Robert Quinn Jersey Timemasters - Living history company in Scotland

Welcome to Timemasters

"Upon that machine,' said the Time Traveller, holding the lamp aloft, I intend to explore time. Is that plain? I was never more serious in my life."
A line from 'The Time Machine' by H.G. Wells. A book that followed the story of the pursuit of one man to travel through time.
Here at Timemasters we cannot take you through time in a time machine but we can reproduce for you the feelings and atmosphere of various periods in history and famous characters.
We will let you experience what it was like to be in the presence of a Victorian gentlemen and his household or to be present in the middle of a bloody battle trying to save the lives of men injured fighting for a cause.
Our team of experienced actors and actresses will take you back to those times and live up to our motto of....'BRINGING THE PAST TO LIFE FOR YOU'

Taking you to the 18th Century

Duncan Cook, Timemasters manager, has had experience in providing the National Trust for Scotland's Living History presentation at Culloden Moor, probably the most famous battlefield in Britain. This has been hands-on experience recreating the role of an 18th century military surgeon from scratch, researching the background to the character and medical practices of the 18th century.
The success of the presentation, which ran for 11 years, speaks for itself as it became an integral part of the site's interpretation.
Timemasters can provide a full wardrobe of male and female costumes from the period and recreate the drama of the Jacobite risings in Scotland or the Empire building conquest of the Americas in the style of The Last of the Mohicans. Meet the real creators of history, George Washington, Captain James Cook and many more!

Making History lessons fun!!!!!

We are also taking our education programme into the local schools offering an encounter with a famous Victorian celebrity such as Charles Dickens or David Livingstone. The ladies are not forgotten as we hope to show students how Elizabeth Fry reformed our prison system and Emily Pankhurst struggled to get women the Vote.
Why not give us a call and let us know who you would most like your class to meet. Painstaking research and costume accuracy will ensure it will be an encounter you'll not forget!